Today we take a peek inside the marvelous mind of Montana Walker (@mntainwalkr).  Below, Montana walks us through 3 of his Mextures edits and gives us a glimpse into the transformation he created using the Mextures app.  Check out all of his work and his gnarly formulas below!

Formula Code - AYJCMWH

With this edit I really wanted to try to mimic the kind of old 80’s vibe with the muscle car so I chose overlays that added kind of hot, neon colors of pink and purple. Then to add overlays that give it that kind of old retro look I picked overlays the with dusty, grainy, grungy look. I also wanted to accentuate the additional lighting that I added in the sky and around the car so I picked a light leak to give it that kind of surreal, sci-fi look. 

Mextures really helps balance out all the lighting and effects after blending all the additional parts that I add into the picture. 

Formula Code - MPDHMKU

On this picture I wanted to make the pink sun look like it blended well in the sky otherwise it wouldn’t look right in the photo. Just adding a pink circle into a photo stands out as too unrealistic so I used Mextures to help blend it in with the rest of the photo. I like old surreal cover art so I was trying to get that feel with this edit. The dust and gritty overlays help add more depth and that extra something that makes it look more complete. If some parts of the picture are lit differently it makes them stand out and look too unbelievable and as always, Mextures helps balance that out. 

Formula Code - SREVVWK

On this edit, I didn’t have any preconceived idea of what I wanted, but I knew that it needed something, otherwise it just looked to plain and boring. Mextures is great for space edits to highlight stars and dust clouds. This formula didn’t add a whole lot, but it helps with the space background making the blacks more black and making the space scene look deeper and darker. It also helps the stairs and people blend in with the whole image better to look less flat. 

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