With Mextures 2.0, we've created the ability to fine-tune your edits with absolute precision. But sometimes you want to see just how far you can take an edit. With the Destroyed Film Formulas, we've created formulas that artistically emulates film that has been processed incorrectly, left out, expired, and exposed to the elements. We worked closely with @samwoodsiv and incorporated his unique editing style to help stylize these unparalleled formulas.


We started the pack off safe with Topdown. This formula adds a hefty amount of grain, warm orange light leaks layered with some slight light streaks. The subtle grunge adds a nice overall blended tone on your image.


The hills are alive! Using light leaks set to emulsion and the Diana film preset, this formula has a gorgeous teal base with red highlights while crushing and fading the shadows in your image.


This formula provides some cool soft tones from the radiant pack, but then warms it right up with a touch of phosphorus. A formula like this is perfect for striking a balance between two extremes, and works great on images with a large amount of open sky.


There's an ancient mid-western proverb that roughly translates, "Colorama makes any picture look outstanding." Ok, thats neither ancient, mid-western, nor a proverb...but that doesn't mean its not true. Slap this formula on a bunch of clouds and thank us later.


We love Paris, the people who live there, and all the gritty, grungy texture that can be found within the city. This formula combines a blend of light leaks and grunge using unique blending modes to give your photos an almost painted look.


It's opposite day. This formula is anything but subtle as it is comprised of several of the more extreme Mextures elements. Works great on nature - ya know, trees, mountains, streams, and such.


Lifeguard is what we like to think happens when you've left your camera in the sand at the beach, and then wave after wave of salty sandwater crashed against it. This simple formula of just one light leak and an emulsion layer will yield complex results


This formula has a unique mixture of Mextures, bringing out some interesting colors - reds, yellows, greens, browns, and even a little bit of pink. It may sound crazy, but sometimes crazy is just what you need. Works great on open spaces or landscapes.


This formula is literally built using two of every Mextures category - yep, that's 18 tasty layers of Mextures goodness, all wrapped up in one formula. "TWO OF EVERY KIND" will turn your image into a one of a kind.


Its exactly how it sounds...dark tones and bright colors. Works great on pics that are a little on the dark side. (Referring of course, to the tone of the image and not Star Wars).