* *Every week we feature a tutorial from some of our favorite Instagram photographers who utilize Mextures. This week, we are featuring the incredibly talented @hirozzzz ** This photo was taken during a visit to one of Iceland's epic waterfalls named Seljalandsfoss. That's @jasonmpeterson at the botton right of this picture looking up at this beast.

Here's the original:

So I wanted to use Mextures to add a bit more grit and some light leaks to the image. In order to do this I focused on two packs, "Grit & Grain" and "Light Leaks".

First step was adding a layer of grit w/ Cataract Screen at 100% (blending mode screen), which can be found in the Grit and Grain pack. Then I applied a layer of light leaks using Cotton Candy at 30% (blending mode soft light), found in Light Leaks Pack 1. I wanted to add a bit more color to the landscape so I proceeded to add Sunrise Overlay at 20% (blending mode overlay) from the Landscape Enhance Pack. At this point I was pretty much done with everything I initially wanted to add, but I still felt like it lacked grit, so I added another layer, 120MM at 60% (blending mode screen) from the Grit & Grain Pack. Lastly in order to enhance the the colors a bit more I added a layer of Solar at 35% (blending mode soft light) from the Radiance Pack.

Here's the final result:

My suggestion would be to try out all the layers in each pack, just have fun with it, mix and match until you find a formula that works for you!