http://www.mexturescollective.com/participate-ios Every week we feature a tutorial from some of our favorite Instagram photographers who utilize Mextures in unqiue ways. This week, we are featuring Northern Californian based Jordan Herschel @jordanherschel who specializes in artistic cityscape and landscape photography.

Every time I'm in New York City I'm drawn back to the same amazing sights, but taking the same picture over and over can be a bit boring so I broke out Mextures to put a new spin on one of my old favorites: the Manhattan Bridge.

Here's my before image:

I stepped outside the box to try and create something with the feel you'd get from developing a cheap roll of film you thought you lost 20 years ago but just found under your mattress – grit, grunge, with a side of something unexpected. The first step was to add a bit of texture from the Emulsion series. I chose Tesla and faded it to 66%. Next I added a bit of light leakage, and to keep it consistent with the red brick buildings I chose Triage from the Light Leaks 3 pack and brought it down to 38%. For some final touches I upped the contrast a touch, dropped the exposure to get a darker feeling, and sharpened for some added definition.

Here's my results:

If you’re looking for a fresh way to get creative, you should definitely try Mextures. Every time I open it up I’m blown away by the level of control and selection of looks it provides

See more of Jordan's work here: Jordan Herschel @jordanherschel