* *Every week we feature a tutorial from some of our favorite Instagram photographers who utilize Mextures. This week, we are featuring California based Sara Milton @sar_m ** I found the Mextures app to offer the most fun and diverse photo enhancing packs for all types of scenery and such.

I started with this photo:

For this particular shot I first added 'Abalone', found under the Radiance pack, at about 50%. It has that warm/golden hour feel to it, which is perfect for my CA shots!

I then sharpened it up a bit at about 10% ( can't live without the sharpening tool!). Lastly I added a slight overlay of Autumn Skies at 19% to enhance that summer glow.

Here's the finished shot!

Every photo we take is different from the next, but rest assure theres a Mexture pack that will fit just about every style, location and mood!

Check out the rest of Sara's beautiful portfolio here: @sar_m