Every week we feature a tutorial from some of our favorite Instagram photographers who utilize Mextures in unqiue ways. This week, we are featuring Chicago based cityscape and photo manipulator - Elise Swopes @swopes Here's my before image:

I've gone ahead and broken down my edit on this shot in a couple easy steps.

  1. Started with the Landscape Enhance Pack and used Winter skies. I set the opacity of this layer to 45%.
  2. Added the Seattle Light Leak. Rotated it twice and set the opacity to 82%.
  3. Added another layer from the Grit and Grain Pack: Popular. I set this layer to 34% opacity.
  4. I then added a layer from the Vintage Gradients pack: Lemongrab and set this to 14% opacity.

After adding the layers, I went the the adjustments and did the following:

  1. Changed Exposure to -14
  2. Upped the contrast 10
  3. Last, I adjusted the sharpness to 10

There are INSANE amounts of different things you can do within the Mextures app. So be sure to try it all out for yourself. You need this in your arsenal of editing apps, trust me!

See more of Elise's beautiful cityscapes here: @swopes