You now have the most powerful texture layering app at your fingertips. Along with layering, we've introduced some robust editing tools that will take your edits to a new level, as well as a powerful formula manager where you can share your formulas and import formulas from others!


With our new Formula Manager, the beaker located on the bottom left on the main screen, you can import shared formulas, share your formulas, and manage your existing formulas

With any formulas you share, as well as the formulas you import, you can view the before and after by tapping on the image in the formula editor! It's a great way to see just how the formula will affect an image.


To share a formula of yours, simply: 1. Go into the manager, 2. Select a formula you created, 3. Click the share button on the bottom of the screen. 4. Once the formula has generated a code, simply press the copy button (next to the trash can) and then paste that code anywhere you'd like.

We'd recommend on apps like instagram, to hashtag your code as well, so people can view images made with that code, as well as share their edits they've made with your formula!

We've written a more in-depth tutorial about how to share formulas in a previous post.


To import a formula, head to your formula manager, click the + button and enter the 7 digit code. Once the formula has been loaded you can tap the image to see the before and after. Click import to save that formula to your "Imported Formulas" section


With polish, also commonly known as adjustments, you can edit your pictures with new Exposure, Contrast, Tint, White Balance, Fade, Black and White, Highlights/Shadows, Sharpness, and Saturation sliders. We named it polish as these adjustments will affect the layered image overall, blending your tones with precision.

Included in polish are 26 film presets that emulate popular film and processing techniques. It introduces a forgotten character in editing that gives it a hand-made feeling. We've taken the liberty to choose the most exciting film types to produce a classic effect.

And what's amazing about polish, is that it will be saved right alongside your layers, making formulas THAT much more powerful!


We've added new textures to all the packs and an entirely new Light Leaks 3 pack! We could not be happier with these new textures.


We are priveledged to have such an incredible group of artists in this round of guest formula packs. 17 photographers from around the world have provided their unique editing style to learn from.

We've also included a new Spring Formulas pack and a Winter Formula pack which we worked closely on with Matt French @mattfrench

We also included a Black and White and Destroyed Film Formula Pack in which we worked closely with Sam Woods @samwoodsiv to create a really distressed pack.

And last but not least, we've changed up the interface and the workflow for a more refined and enjoyable experience!

Thank you for your continued support and joining us on this incredible ride. We sincerely hope you enjoy this release, and feel free to email me directly here:hello@mextures.com