The Mextures Collective (@mexturescollective) is an ever-growing group of creative individuals.  On the 1st and 15th of each month the Collective releases three new pictures from a hand-selected photographer for anyone and everyone to edit as they see fit.  All that is expected is that Mextures be used at some point in the editing process, that the photographer's instagram and #mexturescollective are tagged in the edit and that the Mextures formula code is shared.  Sharing the formula code allows for other creatives to get an inside look at your creative process - how certain colors, tones and textures were achieved. The overall goal of the Collective is to encourage mass creativity by releasing a limited number of photos to a large number of people and then watching as each person interprets each picture with their own unique and incredible edit.  The Collective has quickly gained momentum with almost 60,000 photos hashtagged and also a stellar following with close to 12,000 Instagram followers.

In the future, we will use this space to showcase each of the three new photos being released accompanied by a brand new formula code with the hopes of encouraging and inspiring some amazing formula creation on your part.  We will also use this space to highlight three of our favorite edits from the previous round!

Current Round: May 15th-31st

Featured Photographer: @_matthew_aaron

Featured Formulas: @mextures

Photo Apr 05, 2 19 33 AM

Formula Code: JBLJMTG

Photo Jan 09, 10 51 28 PM

Formula Code: AVARUMX

Photo Jan 10, 2 10 00 AM

Formula Code: BXCLYQN

Previous Round (May 1st-14th)

Featured Photographer: @jeffreyryanjohnson

Edit: @jerrythepopper

Formula Code: XDGSYYL

Edit: @danoshekk

Formula Code: VNRAPQA

Edit: @gusdiaz

Formula Code: NYJTMHG

You can learn more about the Collective and download the featured pictures to participate in the newest round by visiting the Collective's website here!