Feature, InterviewMerek Davis


Feature, InterviewMerek Davis

His work is delicate, beautiful and pristine - and those are just a few of the reasons we've fallen in love with the photography of Hirosh Ito (@to_hi). With every image you'll feel as if you're peering in to a perfectly fragile, miniature world invoking wonder and awe while inviting you to a place filled with peace and quiet. His impressive ability to use Mextures on the smallest of subjects to create and to shift light and color is simply outstanding. And so over the past several weeks we've had an ongoing international conversation with Hirosh about his artistic processes both in creating and in photography. We'd love for you to read along!For starters, I am a male named Hirosh Ito. I live in Yokohama Japan. Since I was a young man I’ve had a stong interest in creating. Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

My job involves working with surfboards. I'm mainly responsible for the air brushing and pin line. Outside of Instagram I am deeply involved in color and design.

My favorite thing to do is to listen to music and surf. At the same time I love to edit pictures while always aiming at originality - a unique take on my photos. I cherish originality and I have always desired to make a world of my own with my pictures.

How did you get started working with surfboards?

When I was a student I had a part-time job working with surfboards. My brother worked at the factory and so he introduced me to his boss. Because I have enjoyed painting since I was a child, I decided immediately to purue the job. Now my boss is a world-renowned shaper of surfboards known as YU.


How did your passion for art and painting begin?

When I was going to kindergarten I was put in a drawing class by my mother. It was the first experience I had with art. I spent several years drawing and ended up winning several gold medals at various exhibitions with pictures I had drawn while I was in the classroom.

How did that passion for art from an early age translate to your beautiful macro work on Instagram?

I do think that they are related. In the same way and for the same reasons that I have pursued my current occupation. I have always had a commitment to color and shape. Whether it be with cars or clothes or design.


What exactly was it that attracted you to macro photography and what keeps you attracted to it?

I think that it is closely related to my living environment. Where I live I am not surrounded by vast forests or lakes or anything of the sort. But I am surrouned by flowers, grass, spiderwebs and, of course, rain. I have always been fascinated by the detail you can capture using a macro or zoom lens. It is a fascination that has continued to grow in me and I never tire of it.

So what prompted you to begin using Mextures to edit your photographs?

I first found out about Mextures when I saw the gallery of @pickledgoose. I have been following her for a long time and I am a huge fan of hers. I discovered Mextures when I saw her using the hashtag. When I figured out what it was I immediately downloaded it and began to use it.


How do you typically use Mextures to edit your photos?

First, I always think about what I can do to make the photo stand out and be original. After that I consider what textures from Mextures will fit the image. Now my edits are completely almost completely using Mextures.

My favorite overlays to use are Franklin from the Emulsion pack as well as the Grunge pack. After that I like to use overlays from the Landscape and Vintage Gradients packs. The Grunge pack works great when you want to change the lighting in some manner. When you use them properly you can shift both the light and the color of an image very easily.


What has been your favorite image to create so far and what makes it your favorite?

This image was taken beside my house very early in the morning just after it had rained. I pressed the shutter several times to capture the water drops hanging onto the web and sparkling in the morning sun. After I had captured it I went back home, opened up my MacBook Pro, queued up a playlist in iTunes that I really like and transfered the photo to my computer from my phone. I knew that I wanted to emphasize the mysterious glow of the original image which is where Mextures came in. At the time, I was using several apps to edit. But this image would not have become what I had envisioned without Mextures.


What have you discovered inspires you to create more than anything else?

What stimulates me comes from deep within me - from my insides. Of course, some times I am inspired by something I see. Something I observe and desire to try to mimic in some manner. I’m always inspired by that challenge of creating when I see a great image and I am challenged to create something similar.

Who are some of the people that have most inspired your photography and Instagram work?

As far as people who have and still do inspire me, a reqirement of that list would be to mention @pickledgoose first and foremost. Her captures are great and full of personality. Many of my subjects are similar to hers because she is my Instagram idol.

@ _little.wing_ - Her and her colors are so expressive and carry with them great power and emotion.

@leahminium - She has a great sense of humor and an eye for quality. I can feel the charisma in her work.

@ana.mar - Ana exists in a different dimension. Her feed should be called "The Wonderland of Ana” - her editing is like looking through a mirror and seeing a different world on the other side.

@dieseensucht - Her pictures are totally different than mine but I really enjoy the tenderness I find in her work. Her work seems to have healing properties.

@hihorosie, @hiroyuk___i, @miacocoone, @silent.spell, @521gemini and @ranasabw.

There are a lot of other artists I could mention, but I can’t forget the one and only @omerika. Her editing is like a magic show and she always surprises me with her work. She is like a sweet magician!


Do yourself the favor of viewing more of Hirosh's work here!