With Christmas quickly approaching we decided to do something slightly different for this round of the Mextures Collective (@mexturescollective). We have dropped a grip of photos for your editing pleasure taken by us here at Mextures. We've had such an insane amount of fun viewing the amazing images you all have created this year and we're giddy to see what else you have in store. We take such pleasure in seeing and sharing your work and look forward to another fantastic year. We hope you enjoy these images as much as we're going to enjoy seeing what you construct out of them! The space below showcases the new photos released for this round of the Collective, each accompanied by a brand new formula code made specifically for this round of the Collective. This round we have 12 brand new formulas from Jamie (@prahaboy). We absolutely love Jamie's work! He's brilliantly creative and we know you'll agree! We hope that these formulas will encourage and inspire some amazing formula creation on your part. You'll also find a few of our favorite edits from the previous round below!

You can learn more about the Collective and download the featured pictures to participate in the newest round by visiting the Collective's website here!


Featured Photographer: @mextures

Featured Formulas: @prahaboy

White Harbor - KKMTRJM

Formula Code: White Harbor - KKMTRJM

Volantis - HFXLGMD

Formula Code: Volantis - HFXLGMD

Roseroad - YRNPNRQ

Formula Code: Roseroad - YRNPNRQ

Riverlands - NJQRVCI

Formula Code: Riverlands - NJQRVCI

North Grove - PSALIPF

Formula Code: North Grove - PSALIPF

Wolfswood - JPAKDVL

Formula Code: Wolfswood - JPAKDVL

Sea of Myrth - KURGKGX

Formula Code: Sea of Myrth - KURGKGX

Sapphire Isle - LXYUTVG

Formula Code: Sapphire Isle - LXYUTVG

Saltcliffe - ZLVVFMA

Formula Code: Saltcliffe - ZLVVFMA

Elyria - CFSXZNW

Formula Code: Elyria - CFSXZNW

Braavos - TATMUAP

Formula Code: Braavos - TATMUAP

Astapor - GRLMUUF

Formula Code: Astapor - GRLMUUF


Featured Photographer: @bryanadamc

crazymtbkr - NSSBRZS

Featured Edit: @crazymtbkr

Formula Code: NSSBRZS

aira37 - UDHSILI

Featured Edit: @aira37

Featured Formula: UDHSILI

sagiioo - ENKPYJA

Featured Edit: @sagiioo

Formula Code: ENKPYJA

ospreypics - DMAURKG

Featured Edit: @ospreypics

Formula Code: DMAURKG