It's February already and forward we march with another batch of gorgeous photos for the @mexturescollective! This round we have ten shots from the one and only @radam2! Adam is a brilliant photographer and a true lover of nature. His adoration for the world around him is well represented in his Instagram feed. We know you'll have a blast creating with these pictures. And while you're at it you can check out the interview we did with him a while back! The space below showcases the new photos released for this round of the Collective, each accompanied by a brand new formula code made specifically for this round of the Collective. This round we have ten brand new formulas from the talented Ravi (@guardiansoftrance). We've featured Ravi's edits quite a few times as he is always throwing out unique takes and stellar formulas! We hope that these formulas will encourage and inspire some amazing formula creation on your part. You'll also find a few of our favorite edits from the previous round below!

You can learn more about the Collective and download the featured pictures to participate in the newest round by visiting the Collective's website here!


Featured Photographer: @radam2

Featured Formulas: @guardiansoftrance

YXBXIYM - What Lies Ahead

Formula Code: YXBXIYM

XVYKSZK - Sunrise Over Andelain

Formula Code: XVYKSZK

XBPISET - Watercolors

Formula Code: XBPISET


Formula Code: UFVSVRE

SPQXQRW - Flash Was Here

Formula Code: SPQXQRW

HMVFGQY - Silent Night

Formula Code: HMVFGQY

FXHVGWF - Renewal

Formula Code: FXHVGWF

BSJAEBI - Storm's Blade

Formula Code: BSJAEBI

BFBTGXD - Light The Path

Formula Code: BFBTGXD

AIDKWLL - Bermuda

Formula Code: AIDKWLL


Featured Photographer: @kevyn.kurpiers

littlesquarelives - CRDQUSS

Featured Edit: @littlesquarelives

Formula Code: CRDQUSS

eleathar - PRGAKUX

Featured Edit: @eleathar

Featured Formula: PRGAKUX

a_kris_photography - WMDCKKA

Featured Edit: @a_kris_photography

Formula Code: WMDCKKA

521gemini - PRMSITV

Featured Edit: @521gemini

Formula Code: PRMSITV