Mextures Collective (June 1st-14th)

Mextures Collective (June 1st-14th)

It’s June! And because June is in our top 5 favorite months that start with the letter J, we figured we would celebrate with another round of the @mexturescollective. So we have 12 photos up for grabs from our buddy, @____rod_! Jarryd is cool, calm, collected, and also pretty good at picture making. We won’t be coy - he’s actually a phenomenal photographer. He was kind enough to offer these 12 photos up for a round of the Collective and we’re all sitting in anxious anticipation to view what you create! Below you’ll find 12 incredible formulas from this round’s guest formula creator, @lvnatikk! Lily is as creative as they come and one of our favorite formula creators. Be sure to stop by her Instagram feed to see for yourself!

You’ll also find four extra features from this past round that we just couldn’t fit in to the Instagram feed. Absolutely stellar work!

You can learn more about the Collective and download the featured pictures to participate in the newest round by visiting the Collective's website!


Featured Photographer: @____rod_ Featured Formulas: @lvnatikk

Formula Code: GZWDAME

Formula Code: MEUEYCW

Formula Code: YPGZWLF

Formula Code: FWKNGKU

Formula Code: EMLFJFW

Formula Code: KPLEAUI

Formula Code: YTKBZHX

Formula Code: EDTDEFV

Formula Code: JSRRICT

Formula Code: GCECTYH

Formula Code: PYPYQD

Formula Code: YINMLRQ


Featured Photographer: @tim_hf

Featured Edit: @_green_r0se Formula Code: HMBIQYK

Featured Edit: @hakemo Featured Formula: AZWGLNU

Featured Edit: @hippyvet Formula Code: PZFZITY

Featured Edit: @littlesquarelives Formula Code: NUDWZQP