A deep fascination for art in all of its forms is what first invited Samantha Fiore (@samfiore72) in to a passionate apprecaition for photography. Being inspired and motivated by the work of others pushed her further toward capturing the same kinds of feelings and emotions that a picture can create. We’ve watched both her skill and enjoyment of photography grow just as we’ve seen her proficient use of Mextures blossom. Below you’ll find a conversation we had with Samantha recently where we learned heaps about her approach to photography and her love for it as well. Check it out!

My name is Samantha Fiore and I am Italian. I went to art school and have been taking photographs for many years, although I'm not a professional photographer . I live with my husband, our dog, and two cats. I like to get up very early in the morning and go out with my camera. I love art in all of its forms: painting, sculpture , music, cinema. I live in the city but as often as I can I go to my house in the mountains. I have the character of a wild animal, but for the people I love I do everything !

How did you first become interested in art and photography?

Art has always fascinated me, perhaps because I felt and feel the need to express and communicate my emotions . For me it has always been natural, even as a child. When I was 13 I started to make my first photographs. I became passionate about black and white photography and I learned how to print my photos in a darkroom. I felt so many emotions seeing the magic of the film become an image on paper. It was pure magic.

How did your enjoyment of photography translate to posting and interacting on Instagram?

Posting pictures to Instagram was an incentive to pick up my camera. The pleasure of seeing beautiful images from other people, to know their point of view, passion, joy, pain, sadness, and stolen moments. Instagram offered the opportunity to glimpse the soul of people like me who communicate with their emotions .

What is that inspires you to take a photograph?

You must know that I love the art of photography and have from a very young age thanks to a dear friend who is a photographer . When we went out to look for the "perfect picture", he would not let me take a picture with the camera. He told me to take the shot with the my eyes - to be filled with everything that I saw with my eyes. Only after all this time I could make my first real pictures on film . I tell you this to tell you how precious to me each shot is. Because a photo is never just a picture, but rather it represents all of the emotions you felt while taking it.

How do you typically approach a photo when you’re editing it?

The edit of a photo is very important. A photo with a good edit is like the words of a song paired with the right music. The edit creates a unique and personal relationship with your photograph. Almost like your signature on it.

First of all, I check the light, sharpness, exposure, shadows and contrast. Mextures has some excellent solutions for all my needs . I love and use many formulas. My favorites are the Atmospheric Formulas.

I also love the Black and White formulas - Save Ferris is my favorite. It’s so very dark! I love all of the Atmospheric Formulas and all of the Guest Formulas such as Echo and Dark Forest. There are so many opportunities with all of the overlays. Of all the apps I've tried, Mextures is the most complete and artistic. There are so many filters and it is a great source of inspiration.

What has been your favorite image to capture and edit so far?

I have favorite photographs because they remind me of great days - because they are a part of me. This is one of my favorites. A photograph of a tree-lined street in a park near my house. It was early in the morning and there was fog. My dog and I were walking alone. This photo is edited with Mextures and has the most beautiful colors of autumn.

Is there anything in particular you hope to accomplish this year in regards to your photography and Instagram?

I'd like to take pictures of people in black and white. The details of their hands and eyes - finding people with an intense look. I definitely want to continue photographing nature and to try different places. I'm lucky to have so much free time to be able to shoot. Instagram is a great encouragement. Sharing is essential. On Instagram you can see excellent photographer’s shots from excellent photographers. I also manage @phototag_it with two other girls and I enjoy finding images to be highlighted there.

What are the things that have most inspired your photography?

I started taking pictures because a great photographer friend taught me to see things with new eyes. I started printing my photos to remember that you can stop time. I love art. I love photography.

Every day I see wonderful images on Instagram. There are very talented artists such as @lee_jeffries, @thelittlethings_love, @moodulator, @bodneyboo and @bikerm46. I find that Instagram is a great source of inspiration.

You can enjoy more of Samantha’s work here!