Today marks the beginning of July and the beginning of a new @mexturescollective round! So prepare yourself for a stellar batch of photos from @breathingmysoul. You’ll find a wide range of photographic subjects in her work and we’re head over heels for the mood that she creates with every edit. You are going to have a blast with these! As always, we have 12 gorgeous Mextures formulas waiting for you from this round's guest formula creator, @mariahalv. Maria may have only been using Mextures for a few months but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at her edits. She caught on fast! You can find the rest of her formulas below!

You’ll also find four extra features from this past round that we just couldn’t fit in to the Instagram feed. Absolutely stellar work!

You can learn more about the Collective and download the featured pictures to participate in the newest round by visiting the Collective's website!

Current Round (July 1st-14th)

Featured Photographer: @breathingmysoul Featured Formulas: @mariahalv

Formula Code: AMWRLQJ

Formula Code: BAIZJBH

Formula Code: BGIXSAS

Formula Code: BYKLAVY

Formula Code: CAQQRPI

Formula Code: DATRKDP

Formula Code: IXQITMF

Formula Code: JTLRPWN

Formula Code: PDWISHK

Formula Code: PQALQDS

Formula Code: RLPAMLN

Formula Code: YNSCIER

Previous Round (June 15th-30th)

Featured Photographer: @cupcakesandcourt

Featured Edit: @eleathar Formula Code: PECGXUB

Featured Edit: @petoneboy Featured Formula: WGBBMIX

Featured Edit: @littlesquarelives Formula Code: ZNFSJPP and HYBKNKG

Featured Edit: @themanfrommadras Formula Code: BWQZZLS and PRGAKUX