A fine batch of photos taken by @haften kicking off the month of August over at @mexturescollective! Her adventurous spirit and the beauty she captures whilst adventuring are legendary! She’s been using Mextures for ages and knows how to perfectly craft a formula to add light and color while still keeping it natural. Enjoy these!

Per the usual, this month we have 12 guest formulas put together by @essence.of.e! E has been recommended by quite a few Mextures users for her moody, soulful formulas and now we see why. So try out the formulas she created for this round and see for yourself.

You’ll also find four extra features from this past round that we just couldn’t fit in to the Instagram feed. Really great stuff!

You can learn more about the Collective and download the featured pictures to participate in the newest round by visiting the Collective's website!

Current round (August 1st-14th)

Featured Photographer: @haften Featured Formulas: @essence.of.e

Formula Code: TPCHCXS

Formula Code: XLHRXVH

Formula Code: NFYNZEC

Formula Code: SSEEAUX

Formula Code: ASSDNHB

Formula Code:BUTYMIW

Formula Code: GJVUKLI

Formula Code: WKGRDFG

Formula Code: IUHXTKE

Formula Code: MTVDENM

Formula Code:DITYXEC

Formula Code: AVFESBZ

Previous Round (July 15th-31st)

Featured Photographer:

Featured Edit: @donatius Formula Code: LVUZMLH

Featured Edit: @eppytaff Featured Formula: JULEDWE

Featured Edit: @priyank.gajera Formula Code: DQPAYGL

Featured Edit: @salopalo Formula Code: UDRZZYD