We have reached the final month of 2016 and we're packing as much goodness as possible into the Mextures Collective!  This first half of the month we're making available 12 gorgeous images from our friend Bronwyn (@bron_gardiner).  Bronwyn can often be found adventuring South Africa and gathering every bushel of mood she can get her hands on.  Her photos are truly beautiful and we're truly stoked to see the magic you kids create with these.  Check out her feed before you dive into editing her photos!

As an extra special treat we asked Travis (@_cantus_) to spend a few days of solitude down in the Mextures lab to create 12 guest formulas for this round of the Collective.  Travis understands mood as well as anyone and navigates his way through Mextures to produce amazing edits.  You'll definitely want to import his formulas while you take a look at his Instagram work!

We hope that these formulas will encourage and inspire some amazing formula creation on your part. You'll also find a few of our favorite edits from the previous round below!

You can learn more about the Collective and download the featured pictures to participate in the newest round by visiting the Collective's website!



Featured Photographer: @bron_gardiner

Featured Formulas: @_cantus_

Formula Code: KAMZAIS

Formula Code: KLBFHSD

Formula Code: KXCKLKP

Formula Code: QPBFAEC

Formula Code: RRHSMQE

Formula Code: RZPXUDE

Formula Code: TXDXSND

Formula Code: UDQRWTU

Formula Code: USWMXJH

Formula Code: VUBDCJT

Formula Code: YDLBVVD

Formula Code: YLZTJWK



Featured Photographer: @gothamkid

Featured Edit: @keltorrance

Formula Code: WTILGYB

Featured Edit: @hazel_merleyc

Featured Formula: LKUHEPF

Featured Edit: @gabrilong

Formula Code: GKZRMME

Featured Edit: @micklemuckle

Formula Code: YVEWCZF

Featured Edit: @natehill

Formula Code: WYNNXAK

Featured Edit: @priyank.gajera

Formula Code: LMQVHKF