This week we've prepared a special tutorial treat for you!  We understand that at times it may feel overwhelming to educate yourself on the intricacies and abilities of an editing app such as Mextures which is why we're constantly sharing formulas and interviews.  With our Mextures Sessions series, we try to give you the "why" behind each overlay and adjustment to help you better understand the endless list of magic that Mextures is capable of adding to your images.  We even created a few tutorial videos for your learning pleasure!  Original music in tutorial videos written and performed by HisAtlas.  Enjoy!


Formula Code: FLQITZE

Because this image was taken early in the morning on a cloudy day, I wanted to add some color to the lake and backdrop of mountains.  The WINTER SKIES overlay allowed me to slather on some brighter blues while NEUTRAL DENSITY adds depth to my background.  SKY EARTH is always great for enhancing browns and greens and I love to use overlays from the Atmospheric pack (HARMONY in this case) to direct the lighting in my images.  I really enjoy using a layer from X-film towards the end of my Mextures editing to smooth out the colors of my image a little while also providing just a touch of fade.  To cap things off I added the MISTY film preset which tends to add a healthy dose of brightness to images while also allowing all of the greens in the image to stand out.




Formula Code: WUZIBRA

Because this image was taken at dusk and the original capture really did a good job of showcasing the natural color of the landscape, I wanted to give a bit of an ethereal feel to my edit while also overdosing the colors to an extent making the reflection look even more like the real thing.  To do this I grabbed FORE from the Radiance pack which is always my go to for creating or enhancing natural light.  To complement that layer I added the ASHES Light Leak which is also great for emulating sunlight.  MAY from Landscape Enhance does a fantastic job with greens and browns so I added it as well and adjusted the orientation to match the rest of the lighting.  While the VINTAGE overlay creates a touch of vignette, I also add SLATE to add texture to the gradient of the mountain face and reflective surface.  For this image, instead of adding a layer from X-film I added FILLAMENT for another bit of funky lighting.  The K-PORTA film preset is what I used to properly glue all of the color, lighting and texture together while a few adjustments to the polishing tools sharpen the overall image quality.

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