We snatched a few images from the Mextures Collective to piece together another tutorial piece for you kids!  The end goal of every tutorial we publish is to give you a different perspective of how to use the Mextures app and to provide an explanation of why certain overlays and adjustments were chosen.  Our hope is that seeing these before/after images, watching these walkthrough videos, and importing these formulas will allow you to become even more gifted and creative when using Mextures.  Enjoy this opportunity to learn and the original music in the tutorial videos written and performed by HisAtlas


Formula Code: DFFVTYC

We've always loved this image from!  The mist at the top of the picture combined with the green in the center and the reflection at the bottom makes it easy prey for a little bit of enhancement in Mextures.  Here I started out with one of my favorite light leaks, Ashes.  This provides a burst of warm light that I shift over to the top left corner.  The Forestry overlay from Landscape Enhance gives me a touch of green to add to the mix while Taffy from Vintage Gradients lightens up Jason's image from the center outwards.  The picture is so pristine in its original format so I decided to give it just a bit of a rough edge with the Daub overlay from Dust and Dirt.  To give the image a few more flashes of gold I put Ectype from Anomaly into play.  When I enter the adjustments section I'm really just looking to pull all of the tones and colors together.  After applying the F-ASTIA film preset I make a few tweaks here and there and voila! 



Formula Code: YRQPYDF

With this image taken from the current round of the Mextures Collective featuring @sky_chaser, I knew from the start that I wanted to add drama to an already beautiful scene.  Whenever I have a lot of heavy clouds in an image, I immediately turn to Neutral Density from Landscape Enhance.  Doing this gives the entirety of the top half of my image an ominous feel.  Then for a little bit of funky lighting I use the Digital Darling light leak and blend it in overlay mode.  Next, I bring in Sky Earth from Vintage Gradients to enhance the grays, greens and golds in Connie's shot.  From there I pair up Insidious from Atmospheric and Crisp from X-film to shift my lighting a touch, enhance my colors, and give a bit of a faded feel.  Since I always end in the adjustments section, I put the F-PROVIA film preset to work furthering the drama I've already created while tweaking the exposure, contrast, saturation and sharpness just enough.

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