We are like giddy little schoolgirls announcing this round of the Collective!  For the rest of April we've partnered with @samadventure to offer up 12 of his insanely beautiful images for your editing pleasure.  Sam is a photographer and globe-traveler.  We've been admirers of his work for quite some time and we're happy to have the chance to introduce it to all of you.  Download the new images at Mextures Collective and check out his work on Instagram!

The entire crew from @mexturezdelight has chipped in to create the guest formulas for this round of the Collective!  @mexturezdelight (part of the @shotzdelight family) is a really phenomenal Mextures feature hub.  Not only do they run the hub super well, but each member uses the Mextures app to perfection.  Check out @mexturezdelight and also the work of their owner, administrator and moderators: @boco_blondie, @marbleinthedust, @loggerhead55, and @girl_in_the_fern.

You can learn more about the Collective and download the featured pictures to participate in the newest round by visiting the Collective's website!



Featured Photos: @samadventure

Featured Formulas: @mexturezdelight

1 - @marbleinthedust - QTPISVS-1.JPG

Formula Creator: @marbleinthedust

Formula Code: QTPISVS 

2 - @girl_in_the_fern - BLQEVBJ _ DYHUVNB-1.JPG

Formula Creator: @girl_in_the_fern

Formula Code: BLQEVBJ and DYHUVNB

3 - @loggerhead55 - ATIGEFI-1.jpg

Formula Creator: @loggerhead55

Formula Code: ATIGEFI

4 - @boco_blondie - JKKLEXH-1.jpg

Formula Creator: @boco_blondie

Formula Code: JKKLEXH

5 - @marbleinthedust - YXVLEYH-1.jpg

Formula Creator: @marbleinthedust

Formula Code: YXVLEYH

6 - @girl_in_the_fern  - DVIXVGM _ LTSTYSS-1.jpg

Formula Creator: @girl_in_the_fern

Formula Code: DVIXVGM and LTSTYSS

7 - @boco_blondie - TNIKANW-1.jpg

Formula Creator: @boco_blondie

Formula Code: TNIKANW

8 - @loggerhead55 - ZQXXGBV-1.jpg

Formula Creator: @loggerhead55

Formula Code: ZQXXGBV

9 - @marbleinthedust - KUAQZKE-1.JPG

Formula Creator: @marbleinthedust

Formula Code: KUAQZKE

10 - @marbleinthedust - KZBSNTG-1.JPG

Formula Creator: @marbleinthedust

Formula Code: KZBSNTG

11 - @loggerhead55 - YRPEGVG-1.jpg

Formula Creator: @loggerhead55

Formula Code: YRPEGVG

12 - @marbleinthedust - NRTVAMP-1.jpg

Formula Creator: @marbleinthedust

Formula Code: NRTVAMP



Featured Photographer: @jqnv

finnicle1 - EJBIUHK.jpg

Featured Edit: @finnicle1

Featured Formula: EJBIUHK

jo.kathd - AMPTPFH.jpg

Featured Edit: @jo.kathd

Featured Formula: AMPTPFH

juanyeremia12 - JWIGXUP.jpg

Featured Edit: @juanyeremia12

Featured Formula: JWIGXUP

marbleinthedust - KPSGYUV .jpg

Featured Edit: @marbleinthedust

Featured Formula: KPSGYUV

littlesquarelives - ZYTVIQT.jpg

Featured Edit: @littlesquarelives

Featured Formula: ZYTVIQT

pr_edit_or - BPXJPSP.jpg

Featured Edit: @pr_edit_or

Featured Formula: BPXJPSP