Interview, FeatureMextures


Interview, FeatureMextures

For this week’s journal entry, we visited with the team responsible for one of our favorite hubs, @m3xtures.  We wanted to learn more about how their feature hub came to be and about the talented individuals responsible for creating and maintaining such a massive and inspiring undertaking.  So this week, enjoy this behind-the-scenes access with the @m3xtures crew and be sure to give us and them your feedback!



@carolgong, @shadow.boxer, and @521gemini:  We are the owners of the @m3xtures hub. We started this feature page in July of 2014 because of our love for the Mextures app and how it can transform images into amazing pieces of art. Our thoughts were to create a page that can feature Instagrammers that use the app and love it as much as we do. When we decided we wanted to move forward with this venture, we reached out to Merek to ask for his blessing and he was so supportive of us! We can't thank him enough for that! @m3xtures is for all artists, whether they are using a mobile device, a DSLR, or taking shots of nature or cityscapes. We feel that we have always tried to appeal to all types of artists with one common denominator, the use of this amazing app called Mextures!

@sazzafrazz71: My name is Leeann LaCarbonara and I live in a small town outside of Boston, Massachusetts with my husband and our Jack Russell/Beagle mix, Rex! I am a Community Executive and Moderator for Pr0ject_Uno and its subsequent hubs, including @m3xtures! Our goal is to promote, expose and inspire by featuring the best artists on Instagram!

@marguerite.khoury:  My name is Marguerite Khoury. I'm from Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada. By day, I'm a single mom of two and I manage the kitchens of two restaurants. By night, I'm a mobile artist. Meaning all of my photography and edits are done 100% on mobile devices. My position with the hub and the Pr0ject_uno family is as a community executive.  I moderate for many Pr0ject_uno pages, but outside of being a moderator, my role is to bring in influencers to INSPADES magazine and to build awareness of Pr0ject_uno to artists outside of Instagram.

@iphotography_ch: My name is Piri Föllmi. I live close to Zürich, in Switzerland and am a moderator at @m3xtures.

@_thisisolaf_: My name is Olaf and I live in the Netherlands. I”m the manager of a bookstore in my hometown. In my time off I like to create images on my iPhone. I don’t consider myself a very good photographer (in fact, I don’t even own a proper camera), but I’m an art enthusiast and try to bring that to my Instagram page.



@carolgong: First of all, it was the invention of the iPhone. I always carry it so I never miss moments. I’ve taken pictures my entire life, but it was most definitely the discovery of Instagram and editing apps that  gave me the confidence I needed to pursue this love of mine. I remember getting featured the first few times, I was ecstatic! It was the push I needed to keep growing as a photographer.

@shadow.boxer: I had always been around photography and art from an early age. My older brother was an artist and photographer; he always had a camera with him. When I joined Instagram, I found my passion for creating art through snapping shots and editing them on my iPhone. From then on, I grew as an artist by learning new techniques, discovering new apps, and ultimately buying my first digital camera.

@521gemini: I first took a class in college that sparked my interest. I did not pick it up again until about 5 years ago when I discovered Instagram.

@sazzafrazz71: I became interested in photography after being introduced to Instagram by a dear friend (thank you Sean Reeves!) who insisted I download the app. He took my phone and opened my account for me even after I told him I would never use it. Little did I know that I would soon become an Instagram junkie! Instagram wasn't just selfies and food pics as I'd previously thought! I quickly became so inspired by so many different genres and people. I had absolutely no idea the quality and diversity of work that was out there!  Armed with my iPhone 4, I started my journey into photography and editing.

@marguerite.khoury: When I first started with Instagram I was always asked to be the muse. I got so involved with photographing myself for other artists to edit that I was compiling a long list of poses. The results were phenomenal. I was amazed how a few apps could transform a picture into a work of art. I decided to educate myself in this form of art and began editing for myself.

@iphotography_ch: I started out using my iPhone for photography. A few weeks back, I bought my first camera. I'm always trying to improve myself, but I'm not close to being where I want to be with my photography.

@_thisisolaf_: Actually, the Instagram app did that. I discovered what I could do on my iPhone through Instagram. I started with very ordinary iPhone shots, but as time went by and I grew more experienced, the creation process became more important and made me grow into a conceptual image maker.



@sazzafrazz71: I joined the @pr0ject_uno family about a year and a half ago and have had the pleasure of working on multiple family pages. Being in the @m3xtures group is special for me since it's my go-to app.

@marguerite.khoury: I first got involved with @m3xtures as an artist looking to be featured.  As I became more and more involved with pr0ject_uno as a community executive I was invited to join the @m3xtures group.

@iphotography_ch: I use Mextures for my foggy shots. After a few features on @m3xtures, I was asked to step in as a moderator.

@_thisisolaf_: The amazing people of Pr0ject_uno asked me to moderate for @m3xtures. At the time, I was moderating for our @human.edge page (I still am by the way) and Cee and Kris asked me to become part of the @m3xtures group. The use of the Mextures app was new to me at the time, but soon the possibilities of the app amazed me.  To this day I’m amazed by what people can do with Mextures!



@carolgong: I'm a very emotional artist. My photography is a journal of my life driven by my mood. I pull inspiration from my feelings at the moment and Mextures enables me to create the mood I'm seeking.

@shadow.boxer: When I first started shooting I was mostly shooting flowers since my job as a floral designer took up most of my free time. Then I slowly started branching out into other aspects. Growing up, my brother and I used to explore abandoned places in North Carolina, so I started looking for places with my camera in hand. I basically have always edited with a darker tonal range because it seems to go well with the subject matter that I usually shoot.

@521gemini: I have always had a love for anything dark and moody. I truly stumbled upon my current style by playing with apps. Once I found Mextures and figured out how to get the dark gloomy look I like I was hooked.

@sazzafrazz71: I adore color and texture so most of my photos have both of those elements. I wasn't able to execute my vision with other apps. Editing with Mextures helps me achieve the look, texture and mood I want my images to embody.

@marguerite.khoury: My style is far from conceptual. It tends to change with my mood. In order to create something I first need to feel it. I hope that my followers see what I see so I often add elements such as double exposure to make them look twice and see what message I'm conveying instead of a quick scroll.

@iphotography_ch: I like trying out new things. Sometimes I use my computer to enhance my photos, sometimes I use the apps on my phone.

@_thisisolaf_: I don’t think I have my own editing style. I tend to use various editing apps and just see what I end up with. I don’t use the Mextures app in all my photos, but when I do I use it to add textures to attain a certain mood. I’m always hoping to create an image that makes people look twice and make them think.



@carolgong: My favorite way to utilize Mextures is to start off with guest formulas. Honestly, they are the best of the best. I find one I like and adjust and tweak from there. I play with the textures until I find the mood I'm trying to create.

@shadow.boxer: I have always enjoyed Mextures formulas! I have some formulas in my app that I have come across on Instagram and also in the Mextures interviews that I have read in the past. I started using Mextures back in the day when Merek offered them on his website and fell in love! Usually my go-to formulas that I have collected throughout the past 5 years are tweaked for each shot as necessary! One of my recent formulas is RCETCGF (Hollister).

@521gemini: The textures are by far my favorite packs in Mextures. I love that I can save my formulas and tweak as needed for different images. It has been amazing to share my formulas and I still cannot believe how well received they are.

@sazzafrazz71: My favorite way to use Mextures is to add texture and create some drama. One of my go-to formulas is one that I created called Ruined (FJBAGCH). I may tweak it a bit depending on the image I'm editing but it is by far the formula I utilize the most.

@marguerite.khoury: I use Mextures to finish every single edit. No matter how minute. I love to start with a preset and then adjust it to my photo. But I don't stop there. I often love to use more than one preset so I save two of my favorites and then blend the two at 50% opacity. That way I get all the tones I love and more depth.

@iphotography_ch: In general, I'll use my own formulas that I've created over the years. I'm not a big fan of textures; I'd rather work with light leaks and colors.

@_thisisolaf_: Since the possibilities of the Mextures app are so vast, I feel like a newbie every time I use it. I don’t follow a certain path when utilizing the app. I get lost every time. Usually I’m just adding textures, light, and colors until I find the result satisfying. I don’t start out with a mood I want to attain.



@carolgong, @shadow.boxer, and @521gemini: We feel the best part about @m3xtures is that we are able to feature artists from all types of places, mediums and photography expertise. Whether it is someone who is just starting out snapping shots on their iPhone, or someone who shoots on a digital camera, we will feature them as long as they have edited with Mextures. It is always fun and amazing to see how Mextures can add to their editing process. These edits can range from a simple textured filter to multiple textures, grain, layers, leaks and overlays!

@sazzafrazz71: I'm always exposed to some of the finest work on Instagram! The fact that the work utilizes my favorite app is just an incredible honor. The @m3xtures team is just a truly amazing and talented group of people and I feel so blessed to be working alongside of them!

@marguerite.khoury: What I enjoy most about being part of @m3xtures is the community. Where one element is a criteria (Mextures) it makes you feel part of an elite group. The moderators are incredible and the selection chosen by each shows the extent and diversity Mextures has to offer.

@iphotography_ch: I like the family atmosphere of @m3xtures. And of course the incredible creativity the artists show there!

@_thisisolaf_: Being part of this hub is amazing. We always call it the family, and really, that is just what it is. We joke, we laugh, we fight from time to time, but what we do most is putting a spotlight on the most awesome artists on Instagram. And by doing that I feel like we’re bringing ourselves to a higher level. You wouldn’t believe how much inspiration you get from scrolling through our tags and communicating with our fellow hub members. And let’s be honest: it’s great making an artist feel happy and special simply by featuring them on our page!



@carolgong: This is the most difficult question because I'm in awe of so many great artists on Instagram.

@lindakris10ansen and @lindakris10ansenphoto - Linda is a creative genius in people photography.

@peter_zelei_images - One of my all time favorites. His imagination is out of this world!  

@anetkaiwa - Aneta is Toronto's up and coming superstar of street photography!  

@wtch_42 - Rita created a style all her own!

And always my Instagram soulmates Kris (@shadowboxer) and Nikki (@521gemini) - Both brilliant artists who continue to raise the bar, and my greatest sources of inspiration.


@shadow.boxer: My favorites are:

@521gemini (of course) - Because she is the queen of Mextures and an amazing friend!

@jamiebettsphoto - His abandoned photos are the best out there, paired with his amazing editing skills!

@eatenbyflowers - Because every shot that he takes is so thought-provoking and composed to tell a story, like a symphony!

@focuscada - Her mind of ideas is unfathomable; so many amazing concepts perfectly executed.

@cfunk44 - His shots are so magical - just like a dream!


@521gemini: A few of my favorites are:

@jamiebettsphoto/@the.metropolis - For his amazing urbex and moods he creates.

@jacksonpohlmanphotography - For the dreamy scapes he makes.

@billsmith2315 - Such style and amazing black/white work.

@gemini_digitized - Here is where I get my daily dose of amazing shots and rich hues to balance my muted and moody tendencies.

@tonydetroit - I love how much drama his shots and edits bring. Just brilliant!


@sazzafrazz71: Accounts I love are:

@littlesquarelives -  I love the moodiness of Patricia's work.

@f_flyte -  Sally has been a huge inspiration for me because we both share a love for macro and texture.

@carolgong - It's remarkable how much soul Carol's work embodies!

@shadow.boxer - I am constantly floored by how colorful yet dark Kris's gallery is!

@521gemini - No list is complete without Nikki on it. Everything she does is just perfection.


@marguerite.khoury: This is almost impossible to answer. There are more than 5 incredible accounts! But I'd have to say pr0ject_uno has the best of the best. @n0design, @521gemini, @_thisisolaf_, @s.a.l.t_photography, and @_legsweaver_. Each account offers something different. From poses to photo manipulation. These are my go-to accounts for inspiration.

@iphotography_ch: I don't have any favorite accounts. Some accounts I like for the creativity, others for the amazingly beautiful pictures. And then there are those who are just wonderful people.

@_thisisolaf_: This is an impossible question. I’m in awe of the talent that exists within our community and couldn’t even name five without feeling bad not naming any other. So, sorry, but I’m not going there!

Check out all of the amazing work featured at @m3xtures and the incredible people investing time and effort to showcase some of the most beautiful imagery on Instagram!