In addition to having his images featured during this round of the Mextures Collective, Jamie (@prahaboy) is an avid Mextures user, lover of the intergalactic and architect of many incredible space-themed image sets.  We had a chat with Jamie recently to learn more about the process he follows when building certain pieces and, most notably, learned more about why he uses certain Mextures overlays in his edits.  Dive in to learn along with us! 



I have one of my favorite overlays in this formula (KANSAS from Radiance) and I topped it off with RADIATION (Light Leaks 4) since I like to add a subtle light leak into my edits.  I usually use a layer from X-film to add some colored mood so for this edit I got INDIGO going.  The MISTY film preset gives a bit of darkness and depth to my image and by making a few adjustments with the polishing tools I'm able to tweak the colors, add a touch of fade, and sharpen things up.  I have a few more layers on this formula adding up to a delicious 7-layer burrito.



For this piece I started with a cloud image (I take a lot of cloud images).  I then used the "scene" setting in Glitche app and rotated and cropped the image in Snapseed.  Next, I added some Mextures to give it a supernova explosion type of look.  From there I blended the image with a public domain image from Hubble as well as added some extra homemade star elements.  I did this in Union app.  And then back to Snapseed where I Rotated the image again and added some light in the middle of the image.  Back into to Mextures where I added a tad more Mextures to bring out more contrast, color and depth in the image.  Finally, I Aadded a planet I created to give the image a point of view!

Check out more of Jamie's work here and edit some of his photos for the Mextures Collective!