This week we have a very special tutorial piece from our friend Ismael (@ismael_j.s)!  We're constantly in awe of the beautiful imagery that he captures as well as the amazing work he does in post-process.  The colors and tones that he creates in his photos are stunning and help to give a generally mysterious and lovely mood.  Enjoy his images and the thoughts that he shares on why he chose certain overlays and textures!


With this formula I wanted to give a feeling of darkness to highlight the snail and the color orange. So I started playing with the settings and the exposure.  To give that depth, I added the SKY EARTH layer, adding two layers of VINTAGE to give more darkness and a sense of loneliness.  To give the apocalyptic sensation, I added the DIRTY POP layer that pronounces the orange and the EROSION layer from Grit and Grain.  The final result is as if the snail is alone in the world.

Formula Code: GCFPYHU

This time the dried flowers gave me the idea that they were being eaten by flames.  So, I started using the Vintage Gradient SOIL to give it an orange touch. To give a dark and infernal sensation I added SUMMER SETTING and another Vintage Gradient layer.  Now we only had to add the flames using the TRIAGE light leak.  And so we have a pic with a demonic touch!

Formula Code: LRQHKIE

This occasion I wanted to make a sunset, giving the feeling of a peaceful and relaxing landscape.  Here I made a mix between the Radiance overlays BONFIRE and FORE and the Vintage Gradient BLOOD ORANGE to create the feeling of sunset.  And finally I added the Landscape Enhance AUTUMN SKIES.  Now we just have to play with the settings of exposure, fade, contrast, and temperature to give the right touch of sunset. One of the best sunsets you've ever seen.

See much more of Ismael's wonderful work here!