Today we have a lovely little tutorial set for you straight from our friend, @mariahalv! Her photos are always moody and beautiful and her formulas show off some of the best aspects of Mextures. Read on for a behind-the-scenes snapshot of her formula creation process!


Its no secret that I’m all about moodiness when it comes to photography and edits.   Fog is my favourite thing to shoot. I’ve only been using a dslr camera for just over a year, so I’m still learning the tricks of the trade. When looking at an original, I generally know how I want the edit to make it look—enter Mextures.   This original was taken on a foggy afternoon.  I wanted to create a tunnel like effect on the road, so I started by using the Vintage and Soil from the Vintage Gradients package to get the outer edges a bit darker,  with the overlay blending mode.  Next I used Winter Skies from the Landscape Enhance package to brighten up the bottom half of the shot—also using the overlay blending mode. In order to make the leaves a bit greener, I brought in Gloom_N_Doom from Atmospheric using the hard light blending mode.  To bring in a bit of texture and warmth, I used Tesla from the Emulsion package, Leaker from  Grit And Grain , Sunflower from Light Leaks  and finally Enchanter from Light Leaks 4; all in Screen blending mode.  It still wasn’t warm enough, so I chose the UV Film preset and increased the saturation.  To maintain the foggy feel, I cranked up the Fade and Highlight and dropped the Contrast just a smidge.  Finally, I sharpened things up a fair bit for definition.


I wanted to make this shot moody and super textured.  I started with Vintage and Twilight from the Vintage Gradients package-both Overlay Blending Mode.  Vintage darkened the perimeter and Twilight lightened the centre.  To further make the centre the focus, I added Apotheosis from the Anomaly. package with the screen blending mode.  In order to make the overall look a bit less green, I added Elation from the Atmospheric package (Hard Light blending mode) for a tinge if orange/red.   Next came the texture with a double hit of Franklin from the Emulsion package in screen mode.  Finally Swamped from the Intensity package (overlay blending mode) for a twinge if warmth and depth.  I used K-Porta film preset because I love the faded effect it gives and lessened the exposure to -28 and increased the contrast to add to the dark moodiness.  To add to this moodiness, I lessened the saturation and  fade. I wanted the Tint to be less pinky so I  set it to -21.  To give it a more airy/eerie feel, I cranked up  the Shadows.

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