This week we put together a new edition of Mextures Sessions using two images from the Mextures Collective Vault courtesy of our dear friend, Cat (@bodneyboo)!  The end goal of every tutorial we publish is to provide our community members with a different perspective of Mextures use and also to offer an explanation of why certain overlays and adjustments might be applied to create different moods, colorations and textures.  Our hope is that seeing these before/after images, reading through the process, and importing these formulas will allow you to become even more talented and capable in your creative process.  Enjoy!


This was such a great capture to start with that I felt a bit guilty even editing it.  I knew immediately that I wanted to bring out the subtle yellows and oranges while providing the forest mist with a little more weight.   Neutral Density from Landscape Enhance is my go-to for fog 99% of the time and in this case it added some great contrast to the treetops.  The Soil Vintage Gradient was perfect for highlighting some of the yellows and even transforming some of the yellows to a dark orange that seemed to fit the mood of the photo well.  Pebble Beach from the Intensity pack works great on pictures like this one that are dense with trees as it adds a touch of lightness as well a texture that settled in nicely here.  I really like to polish things off with a layer from X-film and in this case I used Azure.  The X- film overlays do a really nice job of cleaning up any contrasting colorations that may have been created in the editing process.  And on top of the X-film overlay, the F-FORTIA FADE film preset gave this formula a visual bear hug and promised to never let go. 


Yea.  The green is a little bright.  But I can explain!  Well.  Sort of.  I really didn't want to make this another moody image (hashtag fog) prepped for great "interaction" and Instagram "fame".  The Winter Skies overlay from Landscape Enhance is almost entirely responsible for the green.  Surprise!  Then I brought in the Vintage overlay from Vintage Gradients to cool down the green.  Then I brought in the Haunting overlay from Atmospheric to further cool down the green.  Then I brought in Mauve from X-film to toy with green's heart and brighten it back up a bit.  Then I named every one of those out of focus small, fat, fluffy-haired ponies.  To wrap things up I applied the P-690 COLD film preset because I loved the way it washed out the brighter colors and gave the fog a greater density.

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