Today’s edition of Mextures Sessions comes to us from @as_it_is_____! As one of the winners of the #MexturesxMoodMagic contest in conjunction with @mood.magic, Annemiek was asked to help us piece together a tutorial and did so in a wonderful fashion. Find more of her work on Instagram after you read and learn along!

Formula Code: ANBSRKB

I chose this picture to edit because of the high contrast, the bright sun and the warm tones. I wanted to emphasize this even more, so I knew it would be fun to brighten it up with this formula.  I first added Dirty pop from the Grunge pack with its beautiful warm tones and structure to give the photo more contrast and warmer tones. Then I used Microfiche from the Anamoly pack to add a subtle light effect which made the light in the photo more beautiful. After that I used the Abalone overlay from the Radiance pack to add some beautiful color effects. To make the colours extra subtle and lower the orange tones a bit I added first Winterskies from the Landscape enhance pack and after that Sky earth from the Vintage gradients pack, which is a favorite one for me to give more contrast in the photo.

Formula Code: VSPMKFX

For this photo, I scrolled directly down to the Grunge pack to use the overlays Decay and Papyrus to add more structure and accentuate the fading beauty effect of this flower. After that I used Microfiche, my favorite one from the Anomaly pack; it fades the photo a bit and gives a great subtle light effect as also the waterfront overlay from the landscape pack does, which I used next. After that I went over to the vintage pack and uses the overlay Vintage, to give the flower a more vintage old look and the overlay Lemongrab to accentuate the deep yellow colours of the flower. After that I added the filters Frosted, and Winterskies to lower the temperature a bit and added as a finishing touch for some extra structure Frozen from the Grunge package. After using these overlays I was quite satisfied with creating a great fading beauty effect with this formula.