Today’s edition of Mextures Sessions comes to us from @betty.s_! As one of the winners of the #MexturesxMoodMagic contest in conjunction with @mood.magic, Elisabeth was given the opportunity to create this formula tutorial and it’s just as beautiful as her images. Find more of her work on Instagram after you read and learn along!

Formula Code: QNSGWPM

Flowers are my passion, so most of my pictures contain flowers. In every step from buds to fading. I usually shoot against a dark background and the result I seek is "a moody darkness with a sense of hopeful light." 

For this formula I started in Vintage Gradients and Twilight and got a brighter effect in the middle of the flower. I continued to Landscape Enhance for Winter Dusk and used it to make one of the petals a little darker and the light in the middle of the flower was slightly enhanced.  Further to Radiance and Glace for more scattered light effects.  The next step was Grunge and Frosted which made the light a little colder. To get a little more light at the top I then used Emulsion and Franklin. I finished up with small refinements and played with the light in Light Leaks 3 with Heated as well as Light Leaks 2 where I used Toxic and Sunfelt.  I finished with the K-Porta film preset and the result was a lighter and more detailed flower with nice shades in the colors.

Formula Code: MWWYEQN

Here, I started again in Vintage Gradients using Vintage there to suppress light at the edges and deepen the colors.  I went on to Landscape Enchance and used Winter Dusk for darkness and further deepening.  Further to Grunge and Frozen for a cooler impression.  Emulsion and Edison became the next step for a beautiful "frame".  Radiance and Lily were next and gave some scattered light effects.  I then went back to Emulsion and upgraded the "frame" a bit with Jackson.  For my final adjustment I used the Lomography film preset.  The result here was a fading bouquet with a nice frame that, in my opinion, addresses the nuances of the bouquet.  This bouquet and formula made me one of the winners of the #MexturesxMoodMagic contest!